Mothers Day Sucks When You Are Infertile 

I literally didn’t realize that it was mother’s day until somebody mentioned it yesterday. I think mother’s day is going to feel a little bit different this year, whether you’re a mother or not. I am a mother for those of you who don’t know that, but I remember when I wasn’t and how hard this day was. Now more than ever, it is so important to be doing what you need to do for your own mental health during this time. Basically, we’re living through a quarantine, your cycles have been canceled, you’ve been having trouble getting pregnant and now you have to deal with mother’s day on Sunday!

Guest Blog Post – Julie’s Experience & Struggles with Infertility

She debated sharing her own story with all of the posts circulating about Infertility Awareness Week, especially in light of having had a baby last week, but this is one I knew needed to be shared and that would encourage us all in our journey.    Some might look at her and say, “But Julie, […]