The most comprehensive program for figuring out precisely what steps you may have missed in your journey so that you can take action and increase your chances of success.


In this course, you will go from feeling alone, overwhelmed and, confused about your next step to feeling organized, supported, prepared, and confident, so your next cycle is your best cycle. My step-by-step process will guide you through the proven action items that I used and that my clients use to get to the bottom of their failures and closer to a big fat positive.

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

You have been dreaming of having a baby or adding to your family for months or even years and have done and tried everything your doctors have told you to but still have not achieved a viable pregnancy.

Whether You’re…

-Suffering from primary infertility, and you are just starting with high-tech treatments, and want to make sure that you give yourself every possible chance to get it right the first time.

-Suffering from primary or secondary infertility, have tried several high-tech treatments already, but even though they looked good on paper did not result in a viable pregnancy due to failure or a miscarriage, and don’t want to waste any more time or money before you do it again.

-You have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility, or your doctor is out of ideas that they feel would move the needle. Deep down, you know there has to be a cause, but you have no idea what to ask your doctor about or what you should be doing next.

You’re in the right place, and I’m going to tell you exactly how EnRich Your Fertility Academy will give you the tools, knowledge, and unparalleled support to problem-solve and finally uncover what your next best step should be that will move you toward success.

By the end of this program,

you will have:


  • Successfully pinpointed the test(s)

    that you or your partner haven’t received, need updating, or whose current results need further investigating.
  • Have a deeper understanding of how your body works

    and what signs and symptoms you have experienced in the past that have been overlooked and require further evaluation.
  • Tips to improve

    egg quality, your body’s immune response, and stress.
  • A comprehensive understanding

    of the numerous options available to you and which ones you may or may NOT need.
  • Creative ways to save you money,

    find funding or grants, and the right questions to ask your insurance company (that you have not been told about).
  • How to put JOY

    back in your babymaking and remain close and connected to your partner.
  • Practical advice for dealing with

    triggering situations, social media, and friends and family “who mean well.”
  • A developed plan that will

    save you precious time and money.

❤️”I was really at a loss on how to move forward after three rounds of IUI and one advice and guidance to guidance to determine a path forward and build my confidence in the process. She was there to reassure me and let me know that my thouhts and worries were normal. I am now moving forward with a new treatment plan and have hope for the future. I can’t stress how important she was to our fertility planning process. She is wonderful!”


Enroll in EnRich Your Fertility Academy 

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What’s Inside EnRich Your Fertility Academy

Module 1

Looking Back to Move Forward.

Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who had blazed the trail before you and solved the infertility puzzle. I know exactly what tests and procedures are often overlooked or misinterpreted as normal. This module will review the common causes of infertility for males and females, your previous diagnosis, testing, and procedures.

We will discuss the differences and similarities between primary and secondary infertility and what should be automatically tested if you have already had a live birth.

We will then review in detail the questions you should be asking when choosing your first clinic or a new clinic.


  • Fully review the causes of infertility in males and females. And, figure out a possible cause for your unexplained diagnosis.
  • Understand the ins and outs of primary infertility vs. secondary.
  • Prepare the right questions when searching for a clinic or changing to a new clinic.


Module 2

Preparing for your first appointment with your new doctor.

In this module, we will prepare for our first appointment with our new Reproductive Endocrinologist. We will create a list of questions, understand your financial costs and your insurance coverage. We will also have a detailed fertility treatment history ready and suggested testing prepared to discuss.


  • Review in detail the critical questions you need to ask your insurance carrier.
  • Compile a list of questions you may not know to ask based on your age and diagnosis.
  • We will review in detail what additional testing a new doctor may suggest that a regular OBGYN doesn’t run.
Module 3

So Much Stress!

In this module, you will understand the significant sources of stress and what you can do to manage them.

We will walk through how to identify the key stressors and some fun exercises that can help alleviate them. We will also discuss how to handle friends and family members and develop a list of responses you will have on hand when needed.

Your relationship with your partner is so important, and we will discuss how to keep it a priority during a process that can feel all-consuming.

We will discuss 6 activities that you can start now to help balance you during this rocky road.

Finally, we will discuss the procedures financial stress and how you can think out of the box to find the money to pay for them.


  • You will be prepared to handle and recognize where the significant stressors come from.
  • What you can do to alleviate the stress and 6 activities to help with coping.
  • Discuss creative ways to find money to pay for your procedures along with resources.


Module 4

The Cycle Timeline.

This module will clarify what an entire medicated cycle will look like, from start to finish.

What type of activities or medications to start or stop once you reach this point.

You will learn each stage of the cycle and start a calendar with your proposed dates.

The typical medications prescribed, an overview of how to do your shots, and tricks to help with pain and bruising.

And finally, the 10 things no one tells you about fertility treatments you should prepare for.


  • Things you should be eating during the cycle.
  • What not to do during a cycle.
  • The cycle timeline and its 6 stages.
  • Typical medications and how to do your shots with the least amount of pain and bruising.
  • 10 things you should be prepared for that no one typically talks about.


Module 5

The Two Week Wait

In this module, you will understand the timeline after the transfer and what you can or cannot impact after it’s done.

Things you can do to help you through the 2-week wait and when you can safely do a home pregnancy test.

Preparing for the most crucial test result, your pregnancy test. Deciding beforehand what you want that day to look and feel like for you.

And finally, what to do if it is positive, what your beta’s mean, and an understanding of what will happen next. If it’s negative, what you will likely be told and what you should be doing next.


  • The timeline of the 2 week wait, things to do to make the time more manageable.
  • Visualizing getting the test results and planning the day so that you are as positive and ready for the results as you can be.
  • What to do next if the result is positive.
  • What to do next if the result is negative.


Module 6

How to move forward after a failure or miscarriage.

I genuinely hope you will NEVER need this module, but I also believe that knowledge is power.

In this module, we will discuss your next steps after a failure and the questions you should be asking your doctor.

We will also discuss miscarriage, things that may or may not be needed, and how soon you can try again. We will discuss grief and plan for what is next.

And finally, we will talk about how to pick yourself up and do it again by including what we just learned from this cycle. Trust me, there is always something to learn, and I will share plenty of hope.


  • Some possible reasons for the failure or miscarriage.
  • What to expect and do after the failure or miscarriage.

  • There is still so much hope! How to pick yourself up and do it again and make a new plan.

When you enroll during this special, limited time period,

you’ll get:


EnRich Your Fertility Academy
(A $297 Value)


  • 6 Implementation modules

    that will walk you through EVERYTHING you need to look at before, during, and after your cycle.

  • A complete step-by-step system

    that you can use to troubleshoot why your previous cycles failed so that you can come up with a plan for what you should be doing next.

  • A full workbook of materials

    geared towards making every step of the process easier and more understandable, along with sample questions you may not have thought to ask your insurance company, your doctor, your partner, or yourself.

  • Private Facebook Group with other students

    so that you no longer feel isolated, misunderstood, and alone. Tips and tricks to help navigate a process that can take over your every waking minute from someone who successfully made it to the other side. Private FB group with other students.


A One-Time Payment Of

$ 99

Burning Questions you may have before grabbing access:

I understand how hard it is to justify spending money on anything when you feel like you need to save every dollar for your cycles. But, I encourage you to look at it this way…

If this course could save you precious time and in return money, you may not need additional cycles, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Past clients have uncovered issues that they otherwise wouldn’t have corrected before their next cycle, which would have resulted in failure. In the past few months alone, I have helped clients uncover abnormal blood test results and misdiagnosis of sperm which otherwise would have required a donor for their IVF cycle.

No! Once you pay for this course, it is yours for a lifetime. Now I don’t want you to need it for a lifetime but what that means is that if and when you want to use it again further down the road, you can. All the modules, the workbook, Q&A’s, and bonuses will be there for you. And, when I make updates to the course, you will receive those too.

You truly have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Yes! We will be starting from the very beginning and walking through each step so that you will have plenty of time to absorb the information and ask any questions you have along the way. You will find going through the process this way, you will prevent overlooking testing or procedures and be fully equipped and knowledgeable about the whole process from start to finish.

In my work with my private coaching clients, I find that there are holes in their testing or “normal” results that warranted further evaluation despite having been around the block a few times already. When steps are missed from the necessary testing, they can cause failure in an otherwise great-looking cycle. Besides, at a certain point when there has been nothing but failure or miscarriage, there are other circumstances, panels, and doctors that can help. We will discuss what these are and how to bring them up in this course as well.

And, you will have the support of a community around you as well.

YES! Feel free to go directly to the modules you need most or go in order. This is a self-study course so you can choose your own order & pace.

You will have access to me in our private Facebook Group and you will have the option to book a 1:1 session at checkout.

A One-Time Payment Of

$ 99

Still “thinking about it”?

You should give EnRich Your Fertility Academy a shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

  • You want your life back…like…really badly.

    Whether you are new to infertility or not, you have been trying to see those TWO PINK LINES for longer than you would have hoped. The entire process has consumed every waking minute of your life, and you are ready to do it differently.

    You, my friend, are a warrior and have already been through so much. You deserve to see results from all the hard work you have put in, and your feelings are so normal and so valid.

  • You’re so freakin ready to “do the work” and move on.

    While you genuinely respect your doctor’s experience, they have been unable to come up with a concrete reason for your lack of success. Your done feeling stuck and throwing good money away doing the same thing over and over again. You are ready to move past the treatments and on to the next steps.

  • More importantly, your relationships, friendships, and quality of life have taken a nosedive, and you want to find a way to put the JOY back in your baby-making. The thought of actually having something to feel happy about during this time lights your heart on fire.

That is why you are ready and motivated to finally find the support to shake things up and make the right changes. You are beyond excited to put an end to the maddening infertility rollercoaster and groundhog day you have been stuck in. You are ready for it to finally be YOUR TURN and make your long-awaited baby announcement and know what it feels like to be growing a human being.

And because EnRich Your Infertility Academy is a proven, comprehensive, step-by-step program that can help you finally figure out what has been missing in your infertility puzzle, you have the total confidence that the time you spend doing the work will dramatically shave months and possibly years off your journey that figuring out how to problem solve on your own would take.

You recognize that this is the best offer you’ll ever get for EnRich Your Fertility Academy.

You’d expect this type of step-by-step program to sell for nearly 5x the investment.

In fact, when you add up what you would be getting, you’re unwilling to let this opportunity slip and even MORE unwilling to let a countdown timer get to decide what the next 6 weeks look like for you.

That’s all I got…

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding your head – I would say you owe it to yourself to start problem-solving your journey right away with EnRich Your Fertility Academy.

I cannot wait to guide you through the course.

Figuring out what to do to EnRich my fertility literally changed my life and gave me my beautiful children.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today.

Whether you are just starting or think you have already tried everything else, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your life can look and feel like when you have the right plan and support.

I created this program because I only wished I had it when we were going through our infertility journey. I spent extra years, wasted so much money, and experienced so much heartache figuring out what I had to do to succeed. And, in the end, it wasn’t the doctors that got me there; it was my roadmap.

 I created this course for you because I WAS YOU! I want to help you shave precious time and money off your journey and figure out what you need. I want you to be able to experience the joy that lies on the other side of infertility, two pink lines and a baby’s heartbeat.

Infertility treatment is a lonely rocky road that most couples need to go through at least 3 times to succeed. I don’t want you to go through the same battle that I did, searching endlessly for answers.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that these next 6 weeks will be completely and utterly life-changing for you as a couple.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside EnRich Your Fertility Academy.

Hugs 🤗 , Love ❤️, and Baby Dust 🌬 ,

A One-Time Payment Of

$ 99