So I did a thing yesterday….

I sent out an update to my followers telling them that Mother’s Day isn’t a real holiday.  As a result, I caught a little bit of slack for it. Let me explain.

I honor the infertility community and my heart lays with them as we approach Mother’s Day this upcoming weekend ❤️. There are so many women who have spent a lot of time and money to get there who still aren’t Mothers. This day whether you are on your first year of trying for that dream baby or year 2, 3 or more is triggering!!!

I want to honor all the women that I serve and let them know that every day is or at least should be Mother’s Day. (Not to leave the dads out – every day should be Father’s Day too). We should love and appreciate these special people in our lives daily we don’t need a day to remind us of this do we?

By making this statement my hope was to allow my community of woman who may not be mothers YET a different perspective on a holiday that was was more than likely made up by Hallmark! So, if my statement offends you, understand it was not an attack on anyone it was a gentle hug for someone who needed one.

Let’s prepare…. Shall we?

Here are my best tips for how to deal if you ARE going though treatments…

You are allowed to feel sad and you are allowed to feel anxious but just know, the day is comming whether you like it or not.  To avoid getting caught at your favorite Sunday morning brunch spot with tons of flowers, balloons and huge family gathering lets brain storm a few ways to help make this day as painless as possible.

  1. What things make YOU happy? Jot down a few and pick one or two activities you can fill a good chunk of time with.  Alone or with your other half – you get to decide.
  2. Make it a PJ day never leaving the house and catching up on episodes of your favorite shows or movies.
  3. Journal out your feelings (pssst I have a great freebie on my website if you didn’t grab it yet).
  4. Get together with other friends who either are going through the same journey or who aren’t doing anything either.
  5. Take a long car ride to the country and have that romantic picnic you guys have been talking about for the last year.
  6. Do you, do what makes your heart happy but most importantly be prepared.

Just know I am thinking of you now and always. Stay strong my warrior friend. Good things come to those who wait (and never give up).


Please help spread the word by sharing this post in honor of the 8M couples who go through infertility treatments yearly!

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