Hey guys, I’m Caryn Rich


I help woman navigate though the infertility journey with love, a little bit of humor and a whole lot of grace. I felt like it was important to explain why I chose this path and how I got here. I dreamt of being a mother from the time that I could play with Barbie Dolls. When my husband and I were married about a year and a half, we agreed to start trying. I remember thinking finally having a family was within my reach. I was a little older but I put on a happy face that all would be fine but didn’t really discuss our plans with many.

Month after month we tried and it didn’t happen.

I had been told back in my twenties by my Gyn that I might have trouble conceiving because I had endometriosis, but at 22 when somebody tells you that, the urgency just wasn’t something that really resonated me with me.But, when it didn’t happen, I couldn’t help remembering what the doctor had said and replaying it in my mind.I felt like a failure to my husband and I felt like my body was failing me. I began withdrawing from my friends – especially the ones who were pregnant.  After some some we visited my doctor once again, and she recommended we see a fertility doctor. 

Hello IVF…

Knowing others who had been through and were successful gave me this renewed energy and this renewed sense of hope.My plan was to learn everything that I possibly could about the process and the procedures and  to find the best doctors and the best clinics with the best statistics. I’m happy to say that we got pregnant on our first try with IVF. Being that it took us longer than we had hoped to get pregnant the first time, we started  IVF for baby #2 when he was 1 years old. When I got the phone call saying I was not pregnant I was in shock.  We went on to do many, many more cycles, many that failed, some that needed to be canceled and many that resulted in miscarriage. It was at this point that I took the control back and saying something’s got to change. 

I’d like to say that it didn’t take too much time after that revelation, but in reality it took over four years, many tens of thousands of dollars and 15 plus ART cycles. (the umbrella term used to describe all the Assisted Reproductive Treatments) to result in my next viable pregnancy. I took myself out of the box that I was placed in by these doctors.  I made them look at me as a person, not a number who’s issues are unique and may need a little more thought to solve. During this whole process, I transformed into somebody completely different than I was before. I never, ever, ever gave up on my dream of having the family that we wanted, I refused to give up. I was always a strong person, but this journey prepared me for so much more than I expected. I am grateful for each day because it gave me my family and ultimately it gave me my purpose. 




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