As I sit here to write, we are in week 5 of social distancing.  Self care looks much different than it used to even a few short weeks ago.


I know first hand how hard “YOU” time is between home schooling, working from home, taking care of your family and pets and keeping your house clean and un-cluttered.  I’m speaking to myself as much as I am talking to you when I say, find at least a half hour a day daily. It is crucial to have quiet or to do something you enjoy especially now.


It used to be much easier to grab some alone time, a quick run or even a spa treatment.  All of these things are not possible RIGHT NOW so I wanted to come up with a list of things that you don’t necessarily need to leave the house to do.


-Wake up 15-30 minutes before the rest of the house and establish a morning routine.

-Take a 1/2 hour walk/jog around your neighborhood.

-Use a fitness app to do a quick workout, yoga or whatever exercise you like.

-Learn to meditate.


-Light a candle and take a bubble bath.

-Color your hair.

-Do a mini-facial with one of those cool paper face masks.

-Buy a fashion magazine and read it cover to cover.

-Take a ride in the car by yourself.

-Create a custom perfume with essential oils.

-Give yourself a mani and pedi with a bright spring nail polish color.

-Go to bed early and read a book in your favorite genre.

-Buy a puzzle and work it on daily.

-Buy colored pencils and an adult coloring book.

-Find a craft on Pinterest that catches your eye and have fun making it.

-Take a nap in the middle of the day.

-Watch your favorite teen movie from your youth.

-Do a make-up makeover on yourself.

-Create your own high energy music mix and then dance like no one is watching.

-Find a mind-numbing tv show to binge watch.

-Make chocolate dipped strawberries and eat them.

-Have a zoom call with a friend.


Hopefully you can find a handful of things up your alley in this list.  




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