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Caryn’s Favorite Fertility Things

My Medicine Cabinet

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant

No one wants to talk about it, but sometimes TTC can be stressful on your most intimate parts. Most lubricants are NOT safe for baby making, but this one is. It’s super slippery, so make sure not to spill any on the floor!

Digital Basal Body Thermometer

This one is an excellent option with an app so that tracking your fertile window becomes a piece of cake. I recommend using it in conjunction with the book on my bookshelf below called “Taking Charge of your Fertility.”

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

When I was TTC years ago, this was my go-to monitor, and it was spot on every time. It received a significant upgrade, but it still tells you exactly when and how to use your urine to pinpoint your most fertile days.


Clearblue Fertility Monitor Test Sticks

These test sticks work with the monitor above. Make sure to buy these along with the monitor.


First Response Pregnancy Test

I know there are cooler options out there but, I love that this one will show a faint line super early due to its sensitivity. If you like testing before a blood test, this one may (and I said may) detect an early positive.


My Pantry

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

I use this water bottle and fill it up three times a day. Since you should be drinking lots of water, this is a perfect option for staying hydrated and getting your ounces in. Plus, it comes in many colors, and it’s sleek and modern looking.


Ultima Replenisher Hydrating Powder

Since you will be drinking so much water, we want to make sure you replenish your electrolytes. You will find at least two canisters of these puppies in my pantry at any given time. I put one heaping scoop into my 40 oz Hydroflask each time, and it’s plenty sweet for me. My favorites are Blue Raspberry and Watermelon but try them all to find your favs. Plus, you can mix flavors too. It can also be added to sparkling water to make a mocktail at any point in your TTC journey. As with any supplement, check with your doctor before using it during pregnancy.


HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs

When you are looking for a healthy option for a chip, this is it. It tastes great and is GF and high in protein.


Katz Gluten Free Snacks

Here are some great options when your sweet tooth is craving a treat. All these yummy desserts are GF and DF. Eating a diet free of these ingredients has been shown to help keep inflammation in the body in check.


Enjoy Life Mini Soft Baked Cookies

If you are more of a cookie person, these are also GF and DF and will hit the spot if you are trying to keep your diet inflammation free.


I Like My Eggs Fertilized IVF Mug

Everyone needs a little humor in their day, especially during infertility. This mug makes me smile every time I look at it and is a perfect vessel for the yummy Big Heart Tea I mentioned.


Big Heart Tea - Organic Loose Leaf Tea

I look forward to having my nightly cup of this tea. It’s herbal and caffeine-free, and I love the ginger/turmeric flavor. And as a bonus, it helps digestion, boosts the immune system, and has anti-inflammatory properties.


My Self Care

Semikolon Spiral Journal

Journaling is something I recommend to all my clients. Brain dumping during this stressful time is essential. This notebook has three separate sections and is big enough to hold the endless amounts of information you need to keep track of. It’s available in so many colors that it will be hard to make a decision.


Barefoot Dreams Socks

For the number of times that your legs will be in stirrups, you mind as well have the softest socks to keep your feet warm. They feel like your feet are wrapped in marshmallows and come in fabulous colors. Feel free to add positive affirmations to them with vinyl for a more personal touch.


Warmies Hippo Cozy Plush

I mean, come on, can she be any cuter? Not only is this hippo cuddly, but she smells like lavender and can be heated in the microwave to help with any aches and pains your treatments cause. This cutie is also fantastic to use on the spot you will be injecting your PIO shots to ease the swelling and itching. Don’t like hippos? No problem, there are so many other animals choices, your sure to find one you will.


IVF Journal Organizer

My friend Tina developed this awesome journal to help keep you organized during infertility treatments.  So many awesome binders to choose from and options for IVF, surrogacy/donor and pregnancy.  Such a cool thing to have during your journey.


Smith and Cult Nailpolish in the color Suburban Warrior

Not only do I love this color, but I also love the name. We are all warriors going through a tough fight, and our nails need to represent. I love this brand because it’s vegan and GF and formulated without harsh chemicals found in other brands.


REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil

Taking a bath is something I wish we could all do more often. But when we do, use this delicious smelling vegan bath oil made with clean ingredients and cruelty-free practices for a truly relaxing experience.


Diptyque Feuille de Lavande Candle

I realize this is a super lux product but believe me when I say this candle is worth it. Use it along with your Ren Bath Oil and let the soothing scent take you away. My first boss introduced me to this flavor over 20 years ago, and to this day, it’s still my favorite.


Minky Couture Premium Blanket

I found this blanket while my daughter was in the NICU, and ironically enough, it is the brain-child of a former NICU mom. This blanket gives its user the comfiness and coziness of a warm hug. Bring it with you to your appointments and procedures along with your Barefoot Dreams socks to stay warm and comfortable the whole time. I love their mission too, every time an adult product is purchased, a baby-sized one gets donated to a NICU.


My Bookshelf

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Most women have no idea what a normal cycle should look like when they start trying for a baby. Tracking your cycle can be super helpful in finding your most fertile time frame. If you do not conceive, this information can provide your doctor with important information about possible issues you may be having. Use it along with the Basal Body Thermometer and Pre-Seed I mentioned above.


Infertility For Dummies

This is a great reference book to keep by your side as terms and procedures come up during your journey. It can also be a great primer if you are beginning your high tech journey.


Didn't See That Coming

I had the honor of being on the launch team for this book, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my community. No matter what grief you are affected by, the loss of your fertility, a miscarriage, or having to accept your path (to name a few), this book is for you. You are not alone in your grief, and hearing from others about how they have overcome it can be a huge help. 

My Beauty Products

Nuria Face Mist

If I’m candid, I never stayed away from any skincare product when I was TTC or pregnant as I didn’t think much about what could enter my body through my pores.

Along with my growth as a human, I started to re-think the toxic environment we are living in and how I could make changes.

ILIA - Natural Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40

A Clean, Light-Coverage, Tinted Mineral SPF 40 Serum That Boosts Skincare Benefits…Non-Toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Clean Makeup